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Imagine What You Could Do If You Didn’t Hurt!
For    the    best    chiropractic    care    in   Austin, Minnesota,       you       can       trust       Family Chiropractic     Clinic.     Dr.     Gerber     is     fully qualified   and   ready   to   administer   a   variety of      chiropractic      treatments.      We      are committed    to    helping    every    patient    find relief   with   the   highest   quality   chiropractic care in the Austin area. Our   chiropractic   treatments   offer   a   more natural   approach   to   traditional   pain   relief. As   society   searches   for   a   more   natural   and effective   way   to   relieve   their   chronic   pain, we   are   proud   to   offer   a   healthier,   longer- lasting way to find relief.
We treat many conditions and injuries including...
  Accidents   Aches   Arm and Leg Pain   Arthritis   Athletic Injuries   Back Pain   Car Accidents   Extremity Pains   Headaches   Hip Pain   Injuries   Neck Pain   Sciatica   Shoulders   Spasms   Sports Injuries   Sprains   Strain   Work Injuries
Our treatments include...
  Adjustments   Neuromuscular Therapy   Non-surgical Treatments   Pain Management   Preventive Care   Spinal Care   Spinal Exams   Sports Medicine   Sports Physicals
If   you   have   been   suffering   from   any   of   the   above   conditions   or   injuries   and   are   frustrated   with   the   inability   to   find   relief   through traditional   pain   medications   and   treatments,   call   us   today.   Chiropractic   treatment   is   a   great   way   to   alleviate   common   pain   and start feeling better now. If   you   are   in   the Austin,   Minnesota   area   and   would   like   to   schedule   an   appointment   for   any   of   our   chiropractic   services,   or   if   you have any questions, contact us  at any time