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Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic   care   is   a   natural,   safe,   and   reliable   form   of   treatment.   The   care   is   a holistic   drug-free   and   hands-on   method   of   health   care.   It   is   especially   effective   for back   and   neck   problems,   injuries   acquired   as   a   result   of   work   or   auto/vehicle incidents,   pain   related   to   overuse/overdoing   normal   daily   activities,   and   much more. The   focus   of   most   chiropractic   care   is   the   musculoskeletal   and   nervous   systems. Often   people   seek   chiropractic   care   to   treat   back   and   neck   pain,   joint   pain,   and headaches.   The   primary   treatment   used   in   chiropractic   care   is   spinal   manipulation or   adjustment.   People   experience   reduced   mobility   in   joints   that   results   from tissue   injury   (ACA,   2014).   Tissue   injury   can   occur,   for   example,   when   a   person   uses improper   body   mechanics   while   lifting.   For   example,   improper   use   of   a   shovel   to remove   snow   or   dig   in   a   garden   can   cause   tissue   inflammation,   pain,   reduced function,   tightness,   and   reduced   mobility.   Spinal   manipulation   can   restore   proper alignment to promote increased mobility and reduction of symptoms. The   chiropractic   physician   performs   an   initial   examination   as   a   basis   for   diagnosis and   treatment.   Research   shows   chiropractic   care   is   an   effective   treatment   method that   can   improve   health   outcomes,   reduce   use   of   prescription   pain   medication, reduce   incidence   of   surgery,   and   reduce   amount   of   lost   work   time   (ACA,   2014). Many insurance companies cover chiropractic care. Reference ACA. (2014) About Chiropractic. Retrieved from http://www.acatoday.org
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