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About Us

Dr.   Tim   Gerber   has   been   providing   chiropractic   care   at   Family Chiropractic   Clinic   in   Austin,   Minnesota   for   more   than   25   years. Dr.    Gerber    provides    a    welcoming,    caring    atmosphere    to    help patients   feel   at   ease   during   a   visit.   At   the   first   visit,   the   doctor will     collect     a     thorough     health     history,     perform     a     physical examination,   and   evaluate   the   collected   data.   Next,   the   doctor will   discuss   the   recommended   chiropractic   care   to   ensure   patient understanding   of   the   optimal   treatment   plan.   Dr.   Gerber   welcomes questions   so   that   petients   feel   completely   knowledgeable   about their   care   and   expected   outcomes.   Dr.   Gerber   is   confident   you   will be    satisfied    with    the    services    provided    at    Family    Chiropractic Clinic   and   that   you   will   find   relief   for   your   specific   health   care issue. Dr.    Gerber    welcomes    patients    from   Austin,    Minnesota    and    the surrounding   area.   Free   parking   is   available.   Office   hours   are   8-5 Monday   through   Friday   and   9-12   on   Saturdays.   Patients   can   often be    scheduled    the    same    day    and    the    doctor    can    make    special arrangements for urgent needs.